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NationscapE PROJECT

Click HERE for our COVID-19 Brief compiled by UCLA Ph.D. students Ryan Baxter-King, Tyler Reny, Alex Rossell Hayes, Derek Holliday, and Aaron Rudkin. 

Here is a link to the Democracy Fund's Nationscape COVID-19 Persepctives site that also visualizes our COVID data. 


The Democracy Fund + UCLA Nationscape Project is a weekly survey of 6,250 Americans fielded by LUCID.  The goal is to interview 1,000 people in every Congressional District in the country.

Team Members

UCLA graduate students Aaron Rudkin, Alex Rossell Hayes, and Tyler Reny make Nationscape happen every week.  


Read their bios.

Download the Data

We're making it publicly available roughly quarterly. 

Read about our Methodology

You can also read about how we conduct the survey and how we assess the quality of the sample.

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