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UCLA Covid-19



The UCLA Covid-19 Health and Politics Project is a collaboration of medical doctors and social scientist at UCLA and Harvard University. The project tracks Americans' reactions to the pandemic along political and economic dimensions while also charting their physical and mental health and well-being.

Beginning in June of 2020, the project interviewed cross-sectional waves of 15,000 people in five periods: June, August, October, and December of 2020, and April of 2021. More than 75,000 people have been interviewed. 

Interviews are conducted online with sample provided by Lucid, Inc., a market research company. The Democracy Fund + UCLA Nationscape Project Staff construct sample quotas and post-stratification weights to produce samples representative of the U.S. adult population. Details on the methodology can be found on the links off the Nationscape Project page of this site.


Team principals come from a diverse set of academic backgrounds and specialties. 

Arash Naeim, M.D., Ph.D. -- Center for SMART Health, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

Lynn Vavreck, Ph.D. -- Marvin Hoffenberg Professor of American Politics and Public Policy at UCLA.

Neil Wenger, M.D., M.P. H. -- Division of General Internal Medicine and health Science Research, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.


Annette Stanton, Ph.D. -- Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry/Biobehavioral Sciences, UCLA.


Karen Sepucha, Ph.D. -- Health Decision Sciences Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School. 


Research associates provide support in data collection and analyses.

Ryan Baxter-King, M.P.H. -- Department of Political Science, UCLA.

Aaron Rudkin, M.S., Departments of Statistics and Political Science, UCLA.

Derek Holliday, M.S. Departments of Statistics and Political Science, UCLA.

Alex Rossell-Hayes, Department of Political Science, UCLA. 

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